Gourmet Popcorn

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Gourmet Popcorn

Made By Hand

At Sonrisers Popcorn, we are a little old fashioned in that we still believe the customer comes first. Not only do we handcraft every bag of popcorn into deliciousness you get to eat but we make it with love and care you can actually taste. Caring about our customers means we also care about the quality of the ingredients put into each and every bag. We believe this is what makes our products stand out from the rest.


Over the 20+ years we’ve been making popcorn, we’ve had so many people come to us with testimonies of how much they like our product. We would always ask, “It’s only a few ingredients, what can make it so much better?” One day we were talking to a friend and she said she thought her mom’s cooking was so good because of the love, laughter and joy she put into the preparation of it. It suddenly hit us, we are not making popcorn just to build a company and make a name for ourselves, we really care about the quality of our product and creating something that our customers love

It always makes our day when we hear our customers tell of their experiences with our products, “my husband told me you better not come home without some Sonrisers popcorn, it is the best” or “we drove all this way just to get Sonrisers popcorn.” We are honored to produce a quality product that not only tastes good and satisfies the sweet and savory cravings but a product that also satisfies desires in our customers’ hearts. We believe somehow when they taste the love put into every bag, they know that we really care about them and that is something that is really needed in the day and age we live in. Who knows with a name like Sonrisers, there could even be a prayer or two added and God knows we all need that.


The reality is, whatever is made with care, attention, and love just tastes better, so go ahead, order some today and see if you can feel the love and dedication to quality that we put in that bag just for you!! Enjoy!!

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